Humble Beginnings

At the start of our company story, we were producing dietary supplements in a small factory on an area of not more than 300 m² and concentrated on the extraction of various plant seeds.
The first plant seeds included mainly pumpkin seeds, grape seeds, pomegranate seeds, linseeds etc. Slowly we expanded our production line, and we were able to produce more than 50 products.
After moving our company to Germany, we were determined to carry on where we had stopped. We started to produce our organic dietary supplements in Düsseldorf and today we are continuing our company's mission.

Pioneering work for black cumin oil

In the history of humankind, there are eras, in which black cumin was very popular. Our pioneering work started when Dr. Abdin was able to draw many people's attention to the black seed in the various stages and eras in history. Black cumin, which has proven itself over thousands or years is currently experiencing a renaissance.

Quality and innovation

We pledge to optimally make use of this renaissance and to always be a step ahead of the innovation curve. Therefore, we have expanded our production line with additional oils, green food concentrates and other first-class dietary supplements and always supply our customers with absolute premium products.

Our Team

Our team is our second family. Each employee at Herbbio contributes to maintaining the perfection of our products. This is an impressive sign of our strength.

Our plants and herbs

Another sign of our strength is the high quality of the ingredients in our products. High-quality and efficient nutrients, purity through chemical-free cultivation and no use of unnecessary additives are the characteristics of this quality. We know that quality plants and herbs make quality products, and that’s how we grow organically, sustainably and internationally.

Our Cultivation Locations

Our secret of success also lies in the selection of the right fields and the right varieties, which are mainly found in Egypt and Syria. This region has been known as the home of black cumin for thousands of years. It is important for us to achieve best quality through non-chemical cultivation areas with unique diversity.

Our Vision

We keep the traditions for an industry that meets the demands of a rapidly increasing customer base.

Our Mission

We produce high-quality black cumin oil and other dietary supplements which are extracted from carefully selected ingredients by a competent team. In doing so, we rely on advanced technology and keep sustainability in mine.

Best Quality

100% German product:

Manufactured in Germany under the strictest production and hygiene regulations.

High-quality raw materials:

Careful use of vital substance forms that have a high biological availability.

Without unnecessary additives:

Dietary supplements, extracted from natural sources, with no unnecessary additives.

Without critical nutrients:

Numerous dietary supplements for people who do not tolerate lactose, gluten etc.

Maximum effect:

Optimal recipes for best availability. Extensive supply for long-term stock.

Wide product range:

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and much more for your health and well-being

Why choose us?

What makes us so special

Why should I buy dietary supplements from Herbbio? That is a valid question. Here are the answers:

We stock lots of supplements that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Let medicine be your food for body, mind and soul!

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